Journey Into Gemstone’s Universe

“Unveiling Gemstone Secrets: Your Trusted Gems Testing Experts” At HGTL, we are devoted to revealing the hidden allure of gemstones. With expertise and precision, our skilled gemologists provide accurate identification, grading, and appraisal services. Trust us to uncover the genuine beauty and origins of these natural wonders, ensuring confidence in your gemstone treasures.

Empowering Trust, Expertise & Innovation
At Himalaya Gemstone Testing Lab, our radiant mission is to uncover the splendor hidden within every gem. 

Pic: Horse-tail Inclusion inside Demontoid Garnet

Why US?

Our team comprises experienced gemologists with a profound passion for gemstones. With their extensive knowledge and keen eye for detail, we provide accurate gem identification and ensure you receive the finest quality treasures.

Embracing innovation, we employ state-of-the-art equipment and advanced testing methods. This allows us to offer precise gemstone grading and verification, ensuring transparency and authenticity.

We take pride in our commitment to honesty and integrity. Our transparent approach guarantees you receive unbiased appraisal reports, and our efficient processes ensure timely service delivery, exceeding your expectations.